11/23 Immersion and haptic interfaces

Presentation given at seminar "New Perspectives in Immersion", November 18. 2020

From the perspective of an artist / designer I do find some similarities between Malcolm Ross’ model and how Björk and Holopainen categorise immersion. I have tried to use Ross’ model as a starting point, to think about the creative process in reverse: How do "Senses", "Imaging", "Media" and "Craftsmanship" influence the user experience, and how can these be seen as aspects of immersion. The result becomes a model, which I find useful when conceptualising and designing for an experience that one wants users to engage in. 

A model for immersive design. Written in green, are the four categories of immersion, from Björk and Holopainen. Written in black are from Malcolm Ross’ model

Immersion and haptic interfaces – 2023

The model presented has been used as a tool, when thinking about how to realise Auditomotion, in the various points of interference between design purposes and artistic intent. The model is combining a vocabulary used in aesthetic processes with the four categories of immersion, as laid out by Björk and Holopainen. Where Ross uses “Craftsmanship” with reference to the skills needed to create, I have chosen to use the term “Manipulation”. This is to better include various situations where an audience engages in and changes an ongoing activity, also without the need of any specific skills.